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One Direction is a program for adults who have experienced Family Violence and who have left the relationship or considering leaving the relationship.  “ONE Direction” is delivered as a group program over four weeks, with each session being one hour long. The program aims to provide information on the various forms of family violence along with the wide range and variance in symptomology as a result of family violence.  Additionally, the program has a focus on provision of skills for distress tolerance, self-care, and self-compassion. Within the group, aims include encouraging positivity, and a sense of security, within a socially supportive environment.  An information pack given to attendees provides on-referral information and general information regarding legal rights and options. 

The program is not intended to be therapeutic as such; however it does have a strong consideration towards positive change and attendees will be encouraged to consider their therapeutic options along with goals for therapy and/or how their life might be different in the future.

One Step is a program that assists children who have experienced Family Violence and / or are currently in crisis accommodation. The program aims to develop and extend these children’s emotion regulation, self-soothing, and play and social skills in a safe and neutral environment. Sessions provide activities, games, and strategies, designed to encourage the children to have fun, recognise their body symptoms, calm down when angry or upset, take turns, and interact appropriately with others. Care givers are provided information after each session including practical strategies to support their child to manage their emotions and to support their social and emotional development.

One Unite is a program that links young people who have experienced family abuse and the breakdown of that relationship, with a mentor of the same gender, to provide support, encouragement and guidance.

This program is under development.

One Choice is a program for people who recognise that their communication and behaviour within a relationship is or has been abusive.  Participant in this program will be provided education and strategies for emotion regulation, anger management, and communication. 

This program is under development.

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