One Collective Foundation

Helping all those impacted by family violence to rise above adversity

One Collective is a not-for-profit registered charity that provides support and assistance to those who have been negatively affected by domestic abuse. Our philosophy is that adults, young people, and children have the right to and ought to be able to access services that assist them to rise above adversity and work towards a more positive future.

Services include:

  • Providing free group education seminars/courses to adults who have been negatively impacted by family violence. 
  • Providing free group play therapy to children who have been negatively impacted by family violence.
  • Providing free group education seminars to adolescents to promote healthy relationships, including positive communication and consent for intimate relationships.
  • Providing mentoring services to children and adolescents who have been negatively impacted family violence and live in single parent families.
  • Providing on-referral information for clients for services applicable to their circumstances, e.g. financial assistance, mental health services, legal services etc. 

One Collective also aims to educate and empower people to raise awareness of domestic abuse, so that both sufferers and perpetrators feel able and not ashamed to seek help. Raising awareness can occur on many levels, such as individual, group, and local platforms and we therefore seek to link with community groups to achieve these aims.

Domestic Abuse takes many forms including: Physical, psychological, sexual, financial, and other forms of control. Survivors of domestic abuse often trapped within the relationship, and this feeling can last even after the relationship ends.

One Collective’s adult program “One Direction” aims to provide survivors of domestic abuse with education, strategies, and support, in order to empower and to encourage positive change. Children are often a forgotten victim of Domestic Abuse; our children’s program “One Step” teaches children and their care-givers, who have experienced abuse within the family unit, to self-soothe and calm, along with assisting care-givers to understand the importance of and provide nurturance to their children. This has ongoing benefits such as being able to establish routines and promote social and emotional development.

For a more detailed description of support options available, please see our Programs. To enable us to carry out this important work, we do rely on support from people and organisations.

If you would like to assist those who have been negatively impacted by family abuse to rise above adversity, please consider donating. Any amount is useful and donations above $2.00 are tax deductible.